Preparing the 21st Century Church for Global Missions

"Ye are the salt of the earth..."    Matthew 5:13 (NKJV)

Is your church or organization seeking training for chosen and called  individuals with a heart for Missions? 

Salt of the Earth International Ministries, Inc. (SOTEIM) serves as a charitable, religious, educational  training ministry that prepares  individuals and teams for participation in short-term mission trips both domestically and internationally.

SOTEIM's purpose and calling is to equip and prepare each individual or team for outreach success through seminars, classes, and situational training.  These exercises will prepare the candidate for future short-term mission trips.  Training classes are for novice and seasoned individuals of varied ages.  SOTEIM’s goal is to


  • teach and train candidates in biblical, domestic, and international missions;
  • provide assistance to global  ministries 
  • assist in providing relief to impoverished and devastated areas through outreach ministry


SOTEIM invites Missionaries and Mission Supporters to join with us as unified believers in promoting the  Gospel through action, as we fulfill the great Commission.  It is a proven fact, that a prepared person participating in a mission trip becomes a vial link in securing a Christian relationship that permeates the four corners of the Earth.

YOU are chosen, called and committed. Accept your calling - "Ye are the salt of the Earth..."